Vivienne Westwood

Claire Wilcox
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It's only interesting to me if it's subversive: that's the only reason I'm in fashion, to destroy the word conformity.

Vivienne Westwood is a global icon whose career has spanned three decades from the early days of punk to the successful establishment of her own fashion-house. The first ever Vivienne Westwood retrospective, this book is also the first full-length study of her work as a groundbreaking fashion designer.

Claire Wilcox's perceptive text sheds new light on the sources of inspiration, motivation and working practices of this fascinating and dedicated designer.

A stunning sequence of photographs charts the evolution of Westwood's work through key collections such as Pirate, Mini-Crini, Anglomania and Harris Tweed. Together text and images illuminate Westwood's working methods, focusing on her tailoring techniques, fabrics and patterns, and the costumes and paintings from major museum collections that have provided a constant source of inspiration.

Over 250 illustrations convey the dynamism and impact of her ideas, presenting imaginative and stunning creations that have been a major influence on fashion, music and art since the 1970s. Outfits worn by the Sex Pistols contrast with more recent creations for Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy Emin and Cameron Diaz, demonstrating why Westwood is still the most talked-about designer in Britain. The photographs - a mix of ad campaigns, fashion shoots, catwalk shots and rare archive material - have been personally selected by Vivienne Westwood, and present her own vision of the high-points of a career characterised by constant innovation and variety.

Author bio:

Claire Wilcox is a leading expert on contemporary fashion. She is the curator of the exhibition Vivienne Westwood (Spring 2004), and curated the highly successful V&A exhibitions Radical Fashion (2001) and The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace (2002). Previous V&A Publications include The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace (Ed, 2002), Radical Fashion (Ed, 2001), Bags (1999) and Modern Fashion in Detail (with Valerie Mendes, 1998).

Category: Visual arts
ISBN: 9781851774050
Edition No: 1
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Imprint: V&A Publications
Pub Date: November 2004
Page Extent: 224
Format: Book
Subject: Fashion & textiles: design