How and Why We Change

Bobby Duffy
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A compelling exploration of generational divides informed by exclusive studies from around the world.

Are millennials entitled and lazy? Are baby boomers the most sexually liberal generation? Was generation X the last group to show loyalty to political parties?

In this original and deeply researched book, polling expert and professor of public policy Bobby Duffy explores how when we're born determines our attitudes to money, sex, religion, politics and much else. Informed by exclusive studies from IPSOS, as well as his own research, Duffy reveals that many of our preconceptions are just that: tired stereotypes.

Revealing and informative, Generations provides a new framework for understanding the most divisive issues raging today: from gun control to climate change and Brexit to the surveillance state. Including data from over 40 countries and interviews across generational divides, this big thinking book will transform how you view the world.

'Essential for anyone who truly wants to understand our world.' - Julia Gillard

'Engaging and vital. Anyone trying to understand social change has to distinguish the effects of generations, periods and ages.' - Steven Pinker

Author bio:

Bobby Duffy is Director of The Policy Institute at King's College London. Formerly Global Director of Ipsos Social Research Institute, he has also been seconded to the British Prime Minister's Strategy Unit and to the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) at the London School of Economics. He is the author of The Perils of Perception: Why We're Wrong About Nearly Everything.

Category: Psychology
ISBN: 9781838952600
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Atlantic
Pub Date: October 2021
Page Extent: 304
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Social, group or collective psychology