Shedding a Skin

Amanda Wilkin
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Sometimes you crack.
Sometimes you didn't mean to yell that.
Sometimes you have to lay low until you've figured it out.
And sometimes, sometimes you have to hibernate until you've healed.This is a new day.

Shedding a Skin is a story for our times. It's a play about finding kindness inunexpected places; about understanding what our elders can teach us; it's newskin honouring old. It's a play about joy, healing and protest.

Amanda Wilkin's Shedding a Skin is the 2020 winner of Soho Theatre's acclaimedVerity Bargate Award. The play premiered at Soho Theatre, London,in June 2021.
Category: Plays & playscripts
ISBN: 9780571372737
Publisher: Faber
Imprint: Faber Plays
Pub Date: November 2021
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Plays, playscripts