The Little Book of Nutrients

Marlene Houghton
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All you need to know about the food you eat! The Little Book of Nutrients teaches you how to prevent ailments by eating properly, and includes full of lists of every kind of foodstuff and its component parts.

The Little Book of Nutrients is the best small guide to nutrients on the planet.

This tiny title breaks down vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other food constituents to highlight their importance, and the way that they work to keep us healthy. It shows us the items that are essential for health and how to ensure that we are eating enough of them. And although much of the book is about plant-based foods, this isn't a book for vegans - it includes meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy foods, and even recommends a little red wine for a healthy diet.

Minerals: Magnesium: Anti-stress mineral that reduces muscle spasms and eases premenstrual syndrome; best sources: nuts, figs, soya beans, wholegrain cereals, meat, fish, seafood.

Author bio:

Marlene Houghton PhD has always been interested in natural health therapies, having studied herbalism (phytotherapy), holistic nutrition, and related natural therapies. She has over twenty years of experience working in orthodox medical settings in top London teaching hospitals. She is a nutritional therapist and a traditional herbalist as well as a nutrition consultant for a well-known group of health stores. She regularly contributes articles on traditional herbalism and aromatherapy to Echo World, a mind, body and spirit magazine, and has written three books: An Astrological Apothecary, Simply Herbalism, In Focus: Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.

Category: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781911610939
Table Of Contents: Know Your Nutrients • Vitamins • Minerals • Trace Minerals • A-Z of Amino Acids • Anti-Oxidants • Essential Fatty Acids • Protective Food Nutrients • Immune-Boosting Food Nutrients • Sea and Earth Foods • Probiotics • Super Grains and Seeds.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Orange Hippo
Pub Date: January 2022
Page Extent: 192
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Family & health