Justin D'Ath
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Tasmanian Tigers - thylacines - are supposed to be extinct. When Tim hears that one has been seen nearby, he gets an idea to draw tourists to his quiet little town. His secret plan involves painting stripes on his old dog, Elvis, and creeping around at night, tricking motorists. But when he discovers that thylacines are not extinct, after all, Tim has to think of an even better plan - to save thes

As we inched our way forwards, I had a sudden picture in my mind of an enormous mouth with pointed white teeth exploding out of the darkness like a raptor in Jurassic Park. I just about lost my nerve then. I asked myself, Why are we doing this? There wasn't really an answer, at least not one that made sense.'

When Tim and his dog Elvis launch Operation Thylacine, trouble is just around the corner. It looks as though Tasmanian tigers are not extinct, after all, and Tim and Elvis have to pull off a really difficult and dangerous trick. Soon Elvis is famous, and Tim. well he's infamous!

Author bio:

Justin D'Ath grew up on a farm in New Zealand, and he wrote his first book (a ten-page cartoon about his pet turtle, Bubble) when he was nine years old. Since then, Justin has had lots of jobs but has never stopped writing. He now lives in Bendigo and is a full-time author, although he still finds time to teach novel writing to adults and run writing workshops with children in schools.

Justin D'Ath's junior novels are inventive and highly entertaining, full of twisted science, unexpected plots and playful use of language.

Category: Children's fiction
ISBN: 9781741141283
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: June 2003
Page Extent: 120
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Children's fiction