The Story of the LGBTQ Equality Movement

Matthew Todd
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Pride is a unique and comprehensive account of the ongoing challenges facing the gay community, and a celebration of the equal rights that have been won for many as a result of the sacrifices and passion of this mass movement. This edition is fully updated.

In June 1969, police raided New York gay bar the Stonewall Inn. Pride charts the events of that night, the days and nights of rioting that followed, the ensuing organization of local members of the community - and the 50 years since in which activists and ordinary people have dedicated their lives to reversing the global position.

Pride documents the milestones in the fight for LGBTQ equality, from the victories of early activists to the passing of legislation barring discrimination, and the gradual acceptance of the LGBTQ community in politics, sport, culture and the media. Rare images and documents cover the seminal moments, events and breakthroughs of the movement, while personal testimonies share the voices of key figures on a broad range of topics. Pride is a unique celebration of LGBTQ culture, an account of the ongoing challenges facing the community, and a testament to the equal rights that have been won for many as a result of the passion and determination of this mass movement.

A fully updated edition of Matthew Todd's essential 2019 book, Pride is a celebration and a clarion call.

Author bio:

Matthew Todd is the author of Straight Jacket, which won Boyz magazine Best LGBT Book of 2017. He was Editor-at-Large of Attitude, the UK's bestselling gay magazine, where in 2016 he secured Prince William as the first member of the British Royal Family to feature on the cover of a gay magazine. He has written for the Guardian, Telegraph, Observer and Newsnight.

Category: Cultural studies
ISBN: 9781787396869
Table Of Contents: Introduction • A time of revolution • Culture: Literature • Bonnie's Stone Wall • At the Inn • The night they buried Judy Garland • The Stonewall riots • Christopher Street Liberation Day • Culture: Music • First London Pride • Timeline: Key progress in the 1970s • You Gotta Give 'em Hope - Harvey Milk • The early 1970s and the Naked Civil Servant • Culture: Nightlife • Culture: Theatre • Disaster • Culture: Art • Timeline: Out in Office • Outrage! • Culture: Movies • Lesbian Avengers • Allies • Culture: Television • Proud to Serve • Marriage • Timeline: transgender rights • Culture: Sport • Hate • No One Left Behind • Index • Credits.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Welbeck
Pub Date: July 2021
Page Extent: 384
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Cultural studies