Equal Power

And how you can make it happen

Jo Swinson
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A practical call to arms that challenges the persistent inequality of power between men and women.

Why is gender inequality so stubbornly persistent? Power. Even today, power remains concentrated in the hands of men right across the business, political and cultural worlds. Decisions taken by those with power tend to perpetuate gender inequality rather than accelerate solutions. And those who see the problem feel powerless: ingrained sexism and gender inequality seem too huge to solve.

Equal Power holds a mirror up to society, laying bare the extent of gender inequality while making the case that everyone has the power to create change. Whether you are a teenage student, a global CEO or a taxi driver, there is much we can do as friends, consumers, parents and colleagues to promote fairness. In this inspiring and essential book, former Government Minister for Women Jo Swinson outlines the steps, small and large, required to make our society truly equal.

Author bio:

Jo Swinson was Minister in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and Minister for Women, from 2012 to 2015, where her responsibilities included labour market policy, women on boards and corporate governance. Elected at the age of 25, Jo was the youngest MP in Parliament, and served her home area of East Dunbartonshire as MP for 10 years. She is currently Director of Equal Power Consulting, working to change organisations so that both women and men can thrive, and is Chair of the charity Maternity Action.

Category: Cultural studies
ISBN: 9781786491879
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Atlantic
Pub Date: February 2018
Page Extent: 368
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Feminism & feminist theory