For Reading Groups

It's a great time to be in a reading group. With Allen & Unwin you can read and discuss some of the best in contemporary publishing.

Reading groups are a relaxing, fun thing to do for people who are open-minded and curious about what they read.

Discover new titles and books you might not normally pick up and buy, or re-examine books you already know and love. You can make your reading experience richer and more rewarding by being a member of a reading group and meeting others who are interested in sharing their reading experience.

Still not sure what do to? We've put together some tips on how to start your own reading group.

Our top-selling recommended reads for reading groups:

  1. The Wolf Hour - Sarah Myles
  2. Cedar Valley - Holly Throsby
  3. Eleanor's Secret - Caroline Beecham
  4. We See the Stars - Kate van Hooft
  5. The Son-in-Law - Charity Norman
  6. Infamy - Lenny Bartulin

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Latest reading group notes

Small Blessings

Emily Brewin

A poignant and uplifting tale about secrets, motherhood, heartache and what we're willing to do for love.


The Orchardist's Daughter

Karen Viggers

From the bestselling author of The Lightkeeper's Wife comes an uplifting story of freedom and forgiveness.

The Note Through the Wire

Doug Gold

A WWII prisoner of war, a resistance heroine and their incredible true story.


Loving Sylvie

Elizabeth Smither

A sensual, witty novel that weaves together the stories of three women, beautifully written by one of our most clever wordsmiths.