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Lifel1k3 is the first book in a huge new series from Australia’s YA Rockstar, Jay Kristoff.

A Song Only I Can Hear is another wonderful and heart-warming comedy drama from the award-winning author of My Life as an Alphabet.

Six girls, six boys, and six minutes to seduce each other. Ascension is the first book in this high-octane space trilogy about the world’s most terrifying speed-dating show.

The Electrical Venus is a love story set in the filth and thrill of a travelling show during the height of Georgian Enlightenment.

Changing Gear is an unforgettable novel about a boy heading off to clear his head just before his final school exams and the wisdom he gains on the road.

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149 9781760295691

Jay Kristoff

Full of adrenaline, action and all sorts of robots, Jay Kristoff has created a stunning masterpiece!