The Allen & Unwin New Zealand Publishing Programme

Allen & Unwin New Zealand has been voted Publisher of the Year 2018 and 2016 at the New Zealand Book Industry Awards. We’re committed to publishing strong stories across all genres and to producing high-quality, bestselling and award-winning books.

Allen & Unwin New Zealand Publishing Programme

Lost Wonders

Published: March 2020

The story of the lost wonders of New Zealand's natural history: the extinct species which are now gone forever. Lost Wonders also features some key species which are on the brink - critically endangered - and the efforts that are being made to save them for future generations.

Husna's Story

Published: March 2020

Husna Ahmed was one of the victims of the Christchurch mosque terrorist attacks on 15 March 2019. She was shot going back into the mosque to look for her husband who was in a wheelchair.

The Longest Day

Published: February 2020

Compelling story of moving from the depths of depression to competing in one of the toughest endurance races out there.

The Book of Overthinking

Published: February 2020

Overthinking, ruminating, worrying: bestselling author Gwendoline Smith explains this common form of anxiety and offers helpful advice for overcoming it.

Heroics and Heartbreak

Published: December 2019

The story of the All Blacks campaign for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, with insightful analysis and full commentary.

Sh*t Towns of New Zealand Number Two

Published: November 2019

More laid-back Kiwi humour from the team that devised the bestselling Sh*t Towns of New Zealand.

Singing the Trail

Published: November 2019

Beautifully illustrated with a selection of fascinating maps, Singing the Trail is the story of New Zealand through its maps - and the story of the explorers who made those maps.

The Feel Good Guide

Published: November 2019

Matilda shares what she's learned about how to look after yourself every day, and especially in times of stress and worry.

Towards the Mountain

Published: November 2019

Marking the 40th anniversary of the Erebus disaster, this is the first book on that tragedy written by a member of one of the affected families.

'A very moving book.' Kim Hill, RNZ

Moo and Moo and the Little Calf too

Published: November 2019

Be udderly mooooved by this charming story of Kaikoura's quake cows. Special anniversary hardback edition.

Jacinda Ardern

Published: October 2019

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, is lauded as one of the world's most influential people. Her rise to power has been stellar. In 2017 she became leader of the Labour party just seven weeks before the election at which she claimed the top job.

'Sincere, intent, focused, and always readable. [This] book gets to a truth, and an understanding.' Steve Braunias, Newsroom

People of New Zealand

Published: October 2019

Who are the People of New Zealand in the 21st Century? This diverse bunch of characters is easily recognisable and hilariously familiar.

How to Walk a Dog

Published: October 2019

The highs and lows, joy and heartache of owning a dog are told in this beautifully written story of life in and around a dog park.

'The book of the year. THE book on dogs. And people.' Andrew Dickens, Newstalk ZB

A Sharp Left Turn

Published: October 2019

A rollercoaster yarn about Mike Chunn's years in the ground-breaking band Split Enz, but also the powerful story of how he dealt with a crippling mental health issue and went on to become one of our most influential music identities.

'The NZ rock bio that everyone is going to want this Christmas.' Jenna Todd, Time Out

'How enthusiasm, passion and self-belief can achieve remarkable results.' Alex Behan, Stuff

'You're a very good writer, Mike.' John Campbell, TV One

Cleo and Rob

Published: October 2019

Sometimes hope has four paws, golden eyes and soft black fur.

'I was deeply moved. It's a treasure. This is truly a wonderful book.' Gaytana Adorna, Southern FM

Cleo and Rob

Published: October 2019

Sometimes hope has four paws, golden eyes and soft black fur.

'I was deeply moved. It's a treasure. This is truly a wonderful book.' Gaytana Adorna, Southern FM

The Adventures of Tupaia

Published: September 2019

The incredible story of Tupaia, Tahitian priest navigator, who sailed on board the Endeavour with Captain Cook on his first voyage to Aotearoa.

'I haven't felt a book to such depths for a long time. I am hoping every child gets to read this book and love and learn from Tupaia and his travels as much as I have. An essential book. A magnificent book in debt to mahi and aroha.' Paula Green Poetry Box

Someone's Wife

Published: September 2019

A brilliant collection of personal essays from a quietly subversive writer.

'It should be considered a work of national importance.' Catherine Robertson, The Listener

High Adventure

Published: August 2019

What happens when an accomplished adventurer becomes a father? Does he continue his solo adventures? Is there a way of having it all, family time plus adventures?

Brothers in Black

Published: August 2019

There's an astounding number of brothers playing in top level rugby in New Zealand. How is this so? What's it like for the siblings: do they compete with each other or do they support each other? Is there a particular climate in some families that encourages this success?

'Splendid, comprehensive, insightful and entertaining' Brian Turner, Newsroom

'An engaging and delightful read' John Campbell, TVNZ

Carried Away

Published: June 2019

A collection of bags from all over the world that are significant because of their cultural roles, including army kitbags, a sporran, a bag made out of an albatross foot, and high-fashion handbags.

The Note Through the Wire

Published: April 2019

An extraordinary true story of a love that emerged, against all odds, between two young people from opposite sides of the globe as they fought for freedom during World War II.

Loving Sylvie

Published: April 2019

A sensual, witty novel that weaves together the stories of three women; beautifully written by one of our most clever wordsmiths.

Smart Mothering

Published: March 2019

'This is the one book every new parent actually needs.' Nigel Latta

Magnolia Kitchen

Published: March 2019

Enjoy the taste sensations of Magnolia Kitchen at home. Bernadette 'Bets' Gee shares her delicious recipes, clever tips and decorating inspiration.

The Book of Knowing

Published: February 2019

Learn to understand the way you think and you will be able to deal with many of life's difficult moments.

'This book is gold. It uses such clear, easy-to-read language.' Rachel Grunwell New Zealand Herald

'If only I had read this book when I was a teen, I would've saved myself years of confusion and torment.' Ghazaleh Golbakhsh, Villainesse

Hillary's Antarctica

Published: October 2018

Sir Edmund Hillary's exploits in Antarctica include the riveting story of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition he led and the establishment of Scott Base.

Ajax the Kea Dog

Published: October 2018

The highly illustrated, heartwarming story of conservation heroes, dog Ajax and his handler Corey, who traverse remote parts of the South Island tracking kea nests.

Sh*t Towns of New Zealand

Published: October 2018

Laid-back Kiwi humour at its best, this will have you laughing out loud and cringing in recognition at the same time.

NZ Rugby Stars Cookbook

Published: September 2018

A celebration of our top rugby players and the food they love to share with family and friends.

The Necessary Angel

Published: September 2018

A dazzling new novel from the award-winning Karl Stead.

Running: A Love Story

Published: September 2018

How an overweight radio DJ got running, got skinny, kept running, survived a life-threatening tumour and fell in love with running marathons.

Drawn Out

Published: September 2018

Riotous, ripping yarns from a polymath who can't add or subtract but who has won awards for cartooning, print journalism, documentary film-making and writing dramas.

The Natural Home

Published: September 2018

A practical guide for sustainable everyday living packed full of recipes and tips from the original Green Goddess.

Daughter of Gloriavale

Published: August 2018

One young woman's true story of growing up in Gloriavale Christian Community the repressive cult led by her grandfather, the charismatic and controlling Hopeful Christian.

Women, Equality, Power

Published: August 2018

'Helen Clark has reshaped our views on women and politics and the right of women to take up the mantle of political leadership.' PROFESSOR JENNIFER CURTIN, UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND

Kiwi Backyard

Published: July 2018

Andy Ellis, ex-All Black, Cantabrian and part-time landscape designer, presents creative landscape ideas that you can adapt for your garden.

No Limits

Published: July 2018

'Craig built businesses that New Zealanders wanted before we knew we wanted them.'

Don't Worry About the Robots

Published: June 2018

Don't Worry About the Robots is a practical guide to managing the high-speed change ahead of workers. Learn how to disrupt yourself in a positive way, using key principles that will give you the best chance to survive and, even better, to thrive in the new world of work.

Journey to Health

Published: May 2018

One woman's inspiring story of learning to love yourself

Secret World of Butterflies

Published: May 2018

Butterflies are beautiful but they have some very odd habits - welcome to their secret world.

Island Nurses

Published: April 2018

A story about two remarkable women and how they forged their careers in a remote place; a story of community and the births and deaths that shape its ups and downs; a classic story of making do and overcoming adversity; and a story of hope and new life.

Life, Loss, Love

Published: April 2018

From the heady days of her Miss Universe win to the tragic death of her soulmate Martin Crowe, Lorraine Downes' life has been full of highs and lows.

Woman in the Wilderness

Published: March 2018

An inspirational story of adventure and bravery, from a young woman living a primitive, nomadic life in the wilds of the South Island of New Zealand.

Food for Good

Published: November 2017

This beautiful, fresh cookbook delivers excellent recipes for daily meals as well as the opportunity to give back. Buy a book and we give a lunch to a Kiwi kid in need.

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life

Published: November 2017

Matilda Rice, Instagram sensation and popular winner of The Bachelor, shares her down-to-earth approach to health and happiness in this beautiful book.

Moo and Moo and Can You Guess Who?

Published: November 2017

The bestselling Kaikoura earthquake cows are back!

Drawn Out

Published: October 2017

Riotous, ripping yarns from a polymath who can't add or subtract but who has won awards for cartooning, print journalism, documentary film-making and writing dramas.

The New Zealand Cat

Published: October 2017

The cats of New Zealand star in this book of stunning portraits and stories that are by turn quirky, funny, sad and heartwarming.

Eat Up New Zealand

Published: October 2017

A stunning new substantial cookbook from Al Brown with more than 150 wonderful recipes that make this THE cookbook of the year.

The Necessary Angel

Published: September 2017

A dazzling new novel from the award-winning Karl Stead.

Running: A Love Story

Published: August 2017

How an overweight radio DJ got running, got skinny, kept running, survived a life-threatening tumour and fell in love with running marathons.

How to DAD Volume 2

Published: August 2017

More hilarious stuff from international internet sensation How to DAD.

The Great New Zealand Robbery

Published: July 2017

The forgotten true-crime story of how Auckland's mobsters pulled off the heist of the century.

Things That Matter

Published: July 2017

'This is a masterful tour through the mystery and majesty of modern medicine, guided by a world-class physician who has the mind of a superb scientist and the soul of a fine poet.'

Pocket Money to Property

Published: June 2017

Should your child do chores for pocket money? Do you talk to your kids about money? Will your kids be able to buy a house when they grow up?

Resilient Grieving

Published: May 2017

Resilient Grieving is a practical, research-based guide to finding your own path to recovery from devastating loss.

Mrs D is Going Within

Published: May 2017

Lotta Dann should have it all sorted. She's quit a dysfunctional drinking habit, has written a bestselling memoir and has launched a website to help others get sober. Life should be sweet, right? Wrong.

Man of Iron

Published: April 2017

The first biography of one of New Zealand's best known First World War soldiers.

Moo and Moo and the Little Calf too

Published: March 2017

Be udderly mooooved by this charming story of Kaikoura's quake cows.

The Name on the Door is Not Mine

Published: November 2016

A striking new collection of accessible yet elegant stories from literary giant and master craftsman CK Stead

How to DAD

Published: October 2016

How to Dad's first book! Well-known for his funny videos on Facebook and YouTube, Jordan Watson shares his best stories and tricks.

Life on the Edge

Published: October 2016

Top radio host Jay-Jay Harvey tells all in these stories of her 22 years at hugely popular radio station The Edge.

The Horse Whisperer

Published: September 2016

The remarkable life of 'horse whisperer', Andrew Froggatt, who works with horses written off as 'un-trainable' by others and achieves great success.

Behind the Tape

Published: July 2016

New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost and the extreme pressure to perform under tough and confronting circumstances.

Things That Matter

Published: July 2016

'This is a masterful tour through the mystery and majesty of modern medicine, guided by a world-class physician who has the mind of a superb scientist and the soul of a fine poet.'

Our Boys

Published: June 2016

Accessible, helpful advice for parents bringing up boys of any age.


Published: April 2016

Modern family-friendly recipes from MasterChef NZ winner

What's for Dinner?

Published: April 2016

Here's the answer to the question on everyone's lips - 'what's for dinner?' - 80 terrific weeknight recipes from Nadia Lim and the My Food Bag team.

Eat Clean, Live Lean

Published: December 2015

Revitalise your life with Art's balanced approach to paleo eating and essential exercises that are easy for everyone.

Who Killed Scott Guy?

Published: November 2015

A behind the scenes view of the murder trial that gripped the nation.


Published: November 2015

Japanese cooking demystified for the home cook; from Nic Watt of award-winning restaurant Masu

Little Loves

Published: October 2015

Stunning images by world-renowned photographer Rachael Hale McKenna bring to life beautiful stories of the bonds between children and animals.

All Good

Published: October 2015

Relax by colouring in this gorgeous collection of New Zealand images that remind you of good times and happy memories

Message to My Girl

Published: September 2015

Like Tuesdays with Morrie this is a beautifully written reflection on the search for meaning in life and death.

Kill Your Mortgage & Sort Your Retirement

Published: August 2015

Get serious about your money, pay off your mortgage quickly and ensure you have enough for retirement

Easy Weeknight Meals

Published: May 2015

Essential cookbook for tasty, healthy, quick weeknight dinners.

Animal Magic

Published: April 2015

Charming, warm and touching memoir from inspirational animal whisperer Carolyn Press-McKenzie, who runs two animal sanctuaries.

Long Shots

Published: October 2014

The most inspiring sporting stories of Kiwis who have triumphed against all odds.

Childhood of an Idiot

Published: October 2014

Dom Harvey, author of the bestselling Bucket List of an Idiot, returns to his childhood in this laugh-out-loud story of life as a kid in 1980s New Zealand.

Mrs D is Going Without

Published: June 2014

An honest, upfront, engaging account of a suburban housewife's journey from miserable wine-soaked boozer to self-respecting sober lady.

Wild Blackberries

Published: April 2014

A delightful memoir with recipes that explores decade by decade, era by era, what we ate, and how that food defined us.

The Bassett Road Machine-Gun Murders

Published: November 2013

The true story behind the crime that marked New Zealand's end of innocence.

Running to Extremes

Published: September 2013

Lisa Tamati takes on some of the world's most extreme ultra-races - an inspiring look at the reality of a long-distance runner.


Published: September 2013

One couple's quest to conceive a child, charting the highs and lows of life lived in the shadow of infertility.

The Battles of Monte Cassino

Published: August 2013

The first thematic analysis of the Battles of Monte Cassino brings to light new and controversial ideas and information about some of the most critical battles of the Second World War.

A Bit Mental

Published: May 2013

In an effort to conquer his depression, Jimi Hunt decided to travel the length of New Zealand's longest river...on a lilo.

A Forager's Treasury

Published: April 2013

A New Zealand guide to the art of foraging - the ultimate guide to finding sustainable, free and fascinating plants.

Twenty Good Summers

Published: January 2013

A personal finance guide for baby boomers to help them use the money they have to create income for a good semi-retirement.

Great Kiwi Firsts

Published: December 2012

A fabulous and fascinating compendium of great New Zealand achievements

Hap Working the World

Published: November 2012

Eight years, seven continents, one hell of an adventure. Follow Hap Cameron as he attempts to live and work on all seven continents before he turns thirty.


Published: November 2012

How a pretty unfit, very ordinary bloke became an ultra-endurance cyclist and undertook one of the great feats of human endurance.

Bucket List of an Idiot

Published: October 2012

Brave or crazy? Dom Harvey proves that he's both by letting his friends and family set him a bucket list of mad tasks.

The Perfect Balance

Published: July 2012

The secret to getting ahead is spending less than you earn. Sounds easy - but in reality it's not.

The Small Business Book

Published: January 2012

Completely revised and updated edition of the bestselling guide to starting, managing, and expanding a small business in New Zealand.

Running Hot

Published: May 2011

The first Australasian woman to take on Badwater - the world's toughest race through Death Valley - Lisa Tamati's incredible journey of ultra-running endurance, heartbreak and resilience is an astounding read for athletes as well as the armchair-inclined.

A Home Companion

Published: May 2011

The tale of a year-long journey from straight-talking, hard-bitten journalist to green goddess - complete with fabulous recipes and experimental disasters - all told in a smart, funny and self deprecating fashion.

Shot in the Dark

Published: November 2010

Ten of the most intriguing unsolved New Zealand murders from the Jazz age are reopened and reinvestigated using modern techniques.

Kiwi Heroes

Published: August 2010

Tells the fascinating stories of some of the bravest people New Zealand has produced - each of whom have put the good of others before their own.