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New Releases

From Australian NBA superstar Patty Mills comes the fantastic new basketball series Game Day! Make sure you get your hands on the first two books, Patty Hits the Court and Patty and the Shadows.

Pip and Houdini is a warm-hearted adventure story about a feisty girl and her escape-artist dog exploring the world.

Marge is back and this time she’s taking the Button family on an adventure in Marge and the Great Train Rescue. Written by A-list actress and best-selling author Isla Fisher.

I Just Ate My Friend is a hilarious, read-out-loud fun for the young and not-so-young. 

My Farm turns 25 in this beautiful 25th anniversary edition, which also features a fold-out frieze for you to pin up.


Stories aloud:

Paperback picture books to make a noise about! Each book comes with a free audio reading using children's voices, complete with sound effects and original music. Just scan the QR code (found on the inside cover) with your smartphone or tablet and hear the story! Check out the full list here.

Book of the month

149px 9781760295103
Patty Hits the Court: Game Day! 1

Patty Mills and Jared Thomas

This series showcases Patty’s pride in his indigenous heritage and will also entertain young readers and inspire kids to achieve their goals through sport.


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