Young adult non-fiction

101 Ways to Amaze & Entertain

Peter Gross

Sales price: NZD $22.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.09

Makes kids into magicians, always ready with a trick or a gag. Easy-to-follow illustrations make learning easy!

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7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading

Louise Park

Sales price: NZD $27.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.54

A timely reference for parents and teachers who want to see their children reading for the love of it, by an acknowledged expert in the field.

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All This Talk About Careers

Kate Armstrong

Sales price: NZD $22.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.09

What are you going to do when you leave school? If you feel that you have to know and the pressure is on, dip into this inspiring book and discover how other people found their way to jobs they like, and how a career path can lead you in unexpected directions. Fifty people from a variety of professions tell their stories.

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Animal Diaries: Shark

Steve Parker, illustrated by Peter David Scott

Sales price: NZD $13.99
Tax amount: NZD $1.27

My name is Shark and this is my very own diary. Please read it so you can find out all about ME!

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Animal Families: Farm

illustrated by Jane Ormes

Sales price: NZD $14.99
Tax amount: NZD $1.36

Exciting new series of lift-the-flap board books introducing the concept of family

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Reading Groups

It's a great time to be in a reading group! Discover new titles and books you might not normally pick up and buy, or re-examine books you already know and love. You can make your reading experience richer and more rewarding by being a member of a reading group and meeting others who are interested in sharing their reading experience. ... find out more