Young adult fiction

A Charm of Powerful Trouble

Joanne Horniman

Sales price: NZD $24.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.27

This vivid, beautifully crafted and sensuous book gently peels away years of family secrets as it exposes the tangled relationships between sisters, between children and parents, between lovers.

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A Confusion of Princes

Garth Nix

Sales price: NZD $19.99
Tax amount: NZD $1.82

A grand adventure that spans galaxies and lifetimes, A Confusion of Princes is also a page-turning thriller, a tender romance, and a powerful exploration of what it means to be human. From the fertile imagination of Garth Nix, internationally bestselling author of the Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom series.

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A Dark Trade

Mary Hooper

Sales price: NZD $16.99
Tax amount: NZD $1.54

A richly atmospheric page-turner from the author of Fallen Grace. The maze-like, mysterious world of Victorian London is the perfect setting for the story of a girl who becomes a boy to ensure her survival in the darkest trade of the underworld - the body business. Gina knows that Victorian London is no place for an orphaned girl - there are those that would literally steal the hair off her head. And so Gina finds work with Thread and Spider as 'George', selling burial outfits stripped off rich...

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A Letter from Luisa (Girlfriend Fiction 16)

Rowena Mohr

Sales price: NZD $18.99
Tax amount: NZD $1.73

Luisa is running the school fete like clockwork - until it snowballs disastrously out of control! Book 16 in the Girlfriend Fiction series: fall in love with something real.

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A Pocketful of Eyes

Lili Wilkinson

Sales price: NZD $22.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.09

When a dead body is discovered at the Museum, Beatrice May Ross is determined to use her sleuthing skills to solve the case. Sharp, sassy YA crime-fiction, with a dash of romance and a splash of funny.

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