How Good is Your Grammar?

101 Quiz Questions - the ultimate test to bring you up to scratch

John Sutherland
NZD $24.99

John Sutherland, one of Britain's most celebrated professors of English literature, is here to test, stretch, amuse and instruct you with his definitive quiz on all things grammatical.

Why do purists insist that 'television' is wrong while 'telephone' is correct?

Was Bill Clinton taking risks with language as well as his presidency when he declared, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman?'

And can the use of 'ain't' ever be defended, especially when there's no sunshine when she's gone?

This is neither a rule book nor a primer but a rollercoaster ride through the mysteries and magic of the world's greatest language.

Author bio:

John Sutherland - Lord Northcliffe Professor Emeritus, UCL - is the author of over 30 works of scholarship and is a well known journalist who writes, regularly, for the London and New York Times, the Guardian and many places else (spot the solecism).

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Pub Date: December 2016
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