Infinite Powers

The Story of Calculus - The Language of the Universe

Steven Strogatz
NZD $24.99

A magisterial history of calculus (and the people behind it) from one of the world's foremost mathematicians.

Shortlisted for the Royal Society Science Book Prize 2019

This is the captivating story of mathematics' greatest ever idea: calculus. Without it, there would be no computers, no microwave ovens, no GPS, and no space travel. But before it gave modern man almost infinite powers, calculus was behind centuries of controversy, competition, and even death.

Taking us on a thrilling journey through three millennia, professor Steven Strogatz charts the development of this seminal achievement from the days of Archimedes to today's breakthroughs in chaos theory and artificial intelligence. Filled with idiosyncratic characters from Pythagoras to Fourier, Infinite Powers is a compelling human drama that reveals the legacy of calculus on nearly every aspect of modern civilisation, including science, politics, medicine, philosophy, and much besides.

Author bio:

Steven Strogatz is the professor of applied mathematics at Cornell University. A renowned teacher and one of the world's most highly cited mathematicians, he is the author of the bestselling The Joy of X: A Guided Tour of Mathematics, from One to Infinity.

Category: Popular science
ISBN: 9781786492975
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Atlantic PBS
Pub Date: March 2020
Page Extent: 384
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Popular science

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