Write Your Own Horoscope

Follow the Stars, Design Your Destiny

Jane Struthers
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Write Your Own Horoscope is DIY astrology. Become an expert astrologer and master of your own life with this no-nonsense, destiny-defining guide.

Become the master of your own life and destiny with Write Your Own Horoscope.

• learn why you behave in the way you do
• improve decision making
• flourish in the workplace
• discover your best love matches
• cultivate more rewarding friendships
• map out your future

Your horoscope is both an astrological blueprint and a guide to your future. You can use it to uncover fascinating insights into your soul, love life, relationships, finances and career, as well as your potential. This beginner-to-pro astrology book gives you the tools and information you need to figure out the whys, hows and whens, and to make the most of all the opportunities these present. Bestselling author and consultant astrologer Jane Struthers teaches you not only how to interpret your birth chart, a snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were born, but also teaches you to look into your future based on the planets making contact (called 'transits') with these natal positions. Start by learning the nuts and bolts of astrology, then take a closer look at how astrology influences each area of your life. Finally, use the detailed guide to transits to map your future. Find extra tips and hints throughout the beautifully illustrated pages. This book is not about fortune telling. It's about decoding the skies and signs to gain a true understanding of all areas of your life and determine your own fate.

Author bio:

Jane Struthers is a consultant astrologer and an astrology lecturer who writes a weekly astrology column for Bella magazine. She is the author of over thirty non-fiction books, including the bestselling The Psychic's Bible and Red Sky at Night. Jane shares an 18th-century farmhouse in Somerset, UK with her husband and their two cats.

Category: Mind Body Spirit
ISBN: 9780711254510
Table Of Contents: Contents 6 How to Use This Book 8 How to Write Your Own Horoscope10 The nuts and bolts of astrology 13 The Solar System 14 The Zodiac 16 Astrology and the Planets 18 The Twelve Signs 21 The Twelve Houses 22 The Four Angles 24 The Five Major Aspects 26 The Four Elements and Three Modes 30 Pulling It All Together 32 Analysing Your Chart 36 Taking It One Stage Further38 Love and sex 40 Astrology and Love 43 Your Venus Sign and Your Style of Love 47 Venus in the Twelve Houses 50 Your Venus Aspects and Love 53 Your Mars Sign and Your Desires 56 Mars in the Twelve Houses 58 Your Mars Aspects and Sexuality 61 Uranus and Neptune in the Twelve Houses 65 Uranus by Aspect - Independently Yours 68 Neptune by Aspect - Your Urge to Merge 70 The Descendant72 Work and career 74 Astrology and Work 77 Your Sun Sign and How You Want to Shine 80 The Sun in the Twelve Houses and the Way You Work 82 Aspects of the Sun and Your Work 84 Your Mercury at Work 86 Mercury in the Twelve Houses - Playing to Your Strengths 88 Aspects of Mercury and Your Career 90 Your Saturn Sign and Your Career 92 Saturn in the Twelve Houses - Work and Responsibility 94 Aspects of Saturn and Your Career 96 The MC98 Money 100 Astrology and Money 102 Your Venus Sign and Your Financial Attitude 104 Venus in the Twelve Houses - Your Financial Picture 106 Aspects of Venus - Your Money and Possessions 108 Pluto, the Twlve Houses and Your Power 110 Aspects of Pluto and Your Money112 Friends and family 114 Astrology and Relationships 116 The Planets and Relationships 122 Your Moon Sign and Your Relationships 126 The Moon in the Houses - Your Relating Style 128 Aspects of the moon in Relationships 130 The 3rdHouse 132 The 4th House 134 The 11th House 136 The MC and IC138 Your potential - who could you be? 140 Finding Out Who You Are 142 Looking at the Signs 146 Looking at the Planets 149 Looking at the Houses152 Mapping your future 154 Transits 157 Life Cycles 158 Your Life's Path 160 Retrogrades 162 Interpreting Transits 165 Solar Returns 166 Lunar Returns 168 Mercury Transits 171 Venus Transits 172 Mars Transits 175 Jupiter Transits 176 Saturn Transits 179 Uranus Transits 180 Neptune Transits 183 Pluto Transits 188 Resources 190 Index 192 Acknowledgements
Publisher: Quarto UK
Imprint: White Lion Publishing
Pub Date: February 2021
Page Extent: 192
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation