Biography & Autobiography

The Meddlesome Priest

Peter Hempenstall

Format: Paperback

NZD $45.00

The Meddlesome Priest is the story of a 20th century Australian nationalist who became a legend. Ernest Burgmann's words and actions hold a promise of extraordinary relevance for Australian society today.

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The Self-Made Anthropologist

Tigger Wise

Format: Paperback

NZD $32.99

This is an account of the remarkable life of Australia's first professor of anthropology, whose national and international reputation as a champion of the Aboriginal people is now the subject of considerable controversy. The Self-Made Anthropologist frees Elkin from the myths, contradictions and intense privacy that veiled his life; he stands now before us for judgement.

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Iris and the Friends: A Year of Memories

John Bayley

Format: Hard Cover

NZD $39.99

A biography that describes the last month of the author's wife, Iris Bayley.

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