Media & communication studies

Pinkoes and Traitors

Jean Seaton

Format: Paperback

NZD $27.99

A dramatic and revealing history of the BBC during some of its most turbulent and testing years.

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Writing Feature Stories

Matthew Ricketson and Caroline Graham

Format: Paperback

NZD $49.99

The second edition of this widely used writing guide explains how to craft a story from idea to publication. Whether you want to write a great blog post or work for a big masthead, Writing Feature Stories is the essential handbook.

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The Journalist's Guide to Media Law

Mark Pearson and Mark Polden

Format: Paperback

NZD $75.00

A practical guide for journalists, public relations and marketing professionals, bloggers and social media experts to staying on the right side of the law.

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Public Relations

Edited by Jane Johnston and Mark Sheehan

NZD $79.99

The leading introduction to public relations has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect best contemporary practice in this increasingly influential profession.

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The Media and Communications in Australia

Edited by Stuart Cunningham and Sue Turnbull

NZD $69.99

The most widely used introduction to the Australian media, fully updated to reflect the increasing prominence of the internet in the communication and entertainment industries.

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Can We Still Trust the BBC?

Robin Aitken

NZD $32.99

As the world's most famous media brand faces the greatest PR crisis in its history, Robin Aitken gives an insider's view.

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Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations

Mary H. Snyder

NZD $45.00

The introduction of an academic means for critical analysis of film adaptations.

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Advertising and Reality

Amir Hetsroni

NZD $49.99

Provides an up-to-date picture of the way modern life is portrayed in the most popular format of marketing communication worldwide.

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Guns, Grenades, and Grunts

Gerald A. Voorhees Katie Whitlock Joshua Call

NZD $49.99

This collection brings the weight of contemporary social theory and media criticism to bear on the public controversy and intellectual investigation of first-person shooter games.

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What Are You Laughing At?

Dan O'Shannon

NZD $39.99

This book presents a comprehensive guide to all the variables that can come into play when we come into contact with comedy.

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