Dr. Max McKeown

Sales price: NZD $32.99
Tax amount: NZD $3.00

#NOW reveals powerful practices and principles that can help you shape a better future.

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$12 Million Stuffed Shark

Don Thompson

Sales price: NZD $21.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.00

Intriguing and entertaining, The $12 Million Stuffed Shark is a Freakonomics approach to the economics and psychology of the contemporary art world.

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'Murder Will Out'

T. J. Binyon

Sales price: NZD $49.99
Tax amount: NZD $4.54

Bringing great writing back into print - a Faber Finds book.

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'Twas the Nightcap Before Christmas

Katie Blackburn

Sales price: NZD $22.99
Tax amount: NZD $2.09

A favourite festive poem is given a brilliant tipsy twist. This is the perfect Christmas gift for harassed parents everywhere.

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'What I Really Want to Do is PRODUCE...'

Helen de Winter

Sales price: NZD $59.99
Tax amount: NZD $5.45

What does a movie producer actually do for a living? Actors, writers, directors, we all know about - but what of that other very prominent name in the opening credits?

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