Lyn White

Lyn White has been a passionate primary school teacher-librarian for more than twenty years. During this time she has immersed students in a rich, inviting literary environment where they have every opportunity to develop a life-long love of literature and the appreciation of the enrichment and colour books bring to our lives. Lyn has worked collaboratively with a significant number of acclaimed Australian children’s authors in organising experiences that bring books, children and authors together.

Lyn is particularly concerned about the drastic decline in both the number of primary school libraries and the provision of trained teacher-librarians. Lyn has written for the School Librarians Association of Victoria journal Synergy and FYI and presented at the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) conference, ‘The Long Twentieth Century’ at the University of Queensland in 2011.

Lyn is also an experienced English as a Second Language Teacher (now known as English as an Additional Language EAL), having worked in both mainstream and language school settings. She has had the enormous privilege of listening to incredible experiences of refugee and newly arrived children who have been displaced and traumatised by conflict. Lyn currently holds a part-time teaching position at the Blackburn English Language School. A highly competent educator, Lyn is also committed to quality pre-service education. She is part of the Practicum Liaison Team for the School of Professional Experience at Deakin University. Lyn provides guidance and support to pre-service teachers in a wide variety of school settings.

In 2009 Lyn began to consider a move into children's publishing where the two passions and areas of her professional expertise could find a new expression, and the idea of creating a fiction series of engaging stories of true events in troubled lands with insight into culture, conflict and identity through one child’s eyes was born.

Lyn decided to use her long-service leave in 2010 to complete postgraduate studies in editing at the University of Melbourne. Lyn secured a short-term internship at Penguin Books for Children and Young Adults where her editorial skills were honed. Committed to this exciting new journey, she took further unpaid leave from teaching and begin to build a comprehensive publishing proposal for a six book series that would include author suggestions, story synopses, links to the Australian curriculum, production details and marketing plans. At the suggestion of her lecturer and mentor, Bryony Cosgrove, Lyn showed her proposal to literary agent Jacinta di Mase who was impressed by the unique work and encouraged Lyn to present her proposal to a selection of publishers in 2011. Lyn accepted a contract from Allen & Unwin to be the series editor and creator of Through My Eyes, a six-book series that invites young readers into the fragile lives of children living in contemporary conflict.

Lyn has a Bachelor of Education, Postgraduate in TESOL and Postgraduate in Editing and Communications. She loves gardening and learning about other cultures. Lyn is a member of the Society of Editors, Children’s Book Council of Victoria, Primary English Teaching Association Australia and Australian Literacy Educators’ Association. Lyn enjoys writing and enjoys presenting and attending book-related events and meeting new people who share her passion

Books by Lyn White

Hasina: Through My Eyes

Published: September 2019

A gripping story of one child's experience of the refugee crisis in Myanmar.

Angel: Through My Eyes - Natural Disaster Zones

Published: July 2018

An engaging and suspenseful story about one girl surviving Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013.

Lyla: Through My Eyes - Natural Disaster Zones

Published: February 2018

A gripping and personal story about one girl's experience of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and its aftermath.

Shaozhen: Through My Eyes - Natural Disaster Zones

Published: July 2017

An evocative and compelling story about one boy living through the 2014 drought in Henan, China.

Hotaka: Through My Eyes - Natural Disaster Zones

Published: February 2017

A powerful and moving story about one boy caught up in the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Zafir: Through My Eyes

Published: February 2015

A gripping story of one child's experience of the civil war in Syria.

Malini: Through My Eyes

Published: August 2014

A moving story of one child's life in the conflict zone of Sri Lanka.

Emilio: Through My Eyes

Published: May 2014

A moving novel about one child's life in the middle of the drug war in Mexico.

Naveed: Through My Eyes

Published: February 2014

A heartfelt story of a teenage boy living in the conflict zone of Afghanistan.

Amina: Through My Eyes

Published: August 2013

A moving story of one child's life in a conflict zone, in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Shahana: Through My Eyes

Published: May 2013

A moving story of one child's life in a conflict zone: Shahana, a young girl living in war-torn Kashmir.

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