Olen Steinhauer

Olen Steinhauer was born in America and has lived in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Italy. He also spent a year in Romania on a Fulbright grant, an experience that helped inspire his first five books. He has now settled in Hungary with his wife and daughter. His first book, The Bridge of Sighs, was nominated for five major thriller awards.

Books by Olen Steinhauer

The Cairo Affair

Published: April 2015

When a US diplomat is assassinated in a restaurant in Budapest, his wife sets out to discover who is behind it and why. Her search triggers a series of high-stakes events that will have global ramifications, ultimately uncovering an explosive conspiracy.

An American Spy

Published: April 2013

World-class spy fiction for a post 9/11 age, starring a black-ops agent to rival Bauer or Bourne. 'The best spy novel I've read that wasn't written by John Le Carre' - Stephen King

An American Spy

Published: March 2012

World-class spy fiction for a post - 9/11 age starring a black ops agent to rival Bauer or Bourne.

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