Angus Stewart

Angus Stewart's groundbreaking work with native plants and his appearances on ABC Radio's Weekends with Simon Marnie and ABC TV's Gardening Australia have seen him emerge as Australia's leading expert when it comes to native plants and their untapped possibilities. Creating an Australian Garden won Book Laurel for best general gardening book at the Horticultural Media Association of Australia in 2011.

Books by Angus Stewart

The Waterwise Australian Native Garden

Published: December 2019

A rerelease of the bestselling Australian Native Garden now with emphasis on its waterwise benefits for a sadly drought-stricken Australian climate.

Grow Your Own

Published: October 2017

All the expert information and techniques you need to grow your own edible plants in the city.

500 Plants

Published: November 2012

500 tried and tested native plants from Australia's favourite gardening authority.

Creating an Australian Garden

Published: September 2012

A gloriously illustrated guide to planning the design and choosing the right plants to make a rich and sumptuous garden featuring Australian natives from the ABC Australian garden guru.

Let's Propagate!

Published: February 2012

An indispensable guide to propagation for the home gardener and the nursery professional, from first principles to the latest techniques.

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