Roland Perry

Roland Perry is one of Australia's best known authors. He has written 28 books, many of them going on to become bestsellers, including Horrie the War Dog, Bill the Bastard, Bradman's Invincibles, The Changi Brownlow, The Australian Light Horse and Monash: The Outsider Who Won a War.

Books by Roland Perry

Bradman vs Bodyline

Published: October 2021

The definitive story of the most controversial chapter in the history of Australian and English cricket, the notorious Bodyline series, by Roland Perry, author of Sir Donald Bradman's authorised biography, The Don.

The Shaman

Published: February 2021

A gripping international thriller from bestselling author Roland Perry.

Red Lead

Published: September 2020

The legendary Australian ship's cat who survived the sinking of HMAS Perth and the Thai-Burma Railway

Bill and Horrie

Published: December 2019

Two bestselling stories of Australian animals during wartime, now in one volume.

Monash and Chauvel

Published: July 2019

Monash and Chauvel: How Australia's two greatest generals changed the course of world history tells the story of the emergence and dominance of these brilliant Australian soldiers, who commanded the two most effective armies in defeating the Germans and the Turks in the Great War.

The Queen, Her Lover and the Most Notorious Spy in History

Published: October 2014

The intensely revealing and entertaining account of a great royal secret and hidden love story - an unbuttoned history of Queen Victoria's loves and intrigues.

Horrie the War Dog

Published: October 2013

He was a little stray pup the boys of First Australian Machine Gun Battalion saved from harsh Libyan Desert. He became their much-loved mascot and saviour. But what happened to Horrie on his return to Australia? An extraordinarily moving and fascinating story of bravery, mateship and the lengths people will go to to save a friend.

Faces in the Rain

Published: November 2012

A stylish and brilliantly paced thriller from a great Australian writer.

Bill the Bastard

Published: November 2012

An epic yarn based on the true story of a great Australian war horse who rode with bravery and valour at Gallipoli, the desert campaigns of Egypt, and Palestine.

Blood is a Stranger

Published: September 2012

A stylish and brilliantly paced thriller from a great Australian writer.

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