Wendyl Nissen

Wendyl Nissen is a journalist and broadcaster who writes popular columns in the Herald on Sunday, the New Zealand Woman's Weekly and New Zealand Gardener. She is also the creator of her own Wendyl's Green Goddess brand of natural cleaning products. Her catchphrase is 'It's okay to be a Nana'.

Books by Wendyl Nissen

My Mother and Other Secrets

Published: March 2021

Uncovering old family secrets leads Wendyl Nissen to a better understanding of her mother.

A Natural Year

Published: March 2020

Wendyl's story of living the simple life in the country: gardening, foraging, fishing and the freedom she has found in ageing. Beautifully illustrated and including 100 new and delicious recipes.

'An absolute cracker of a guide to feeling content by living more naturally.' Lynda Hallinan

'The book that saved me from peak Covid-19 anxiety. It felt like a portal. I'd open at a random page and lose myself in a timeless green swoon.' Catherine Woulfe, The Spinoff

The Natural Home

Published: September 2018

A practical guide for sustainable everyday living packed full of recipes and tips from the original Green Goddess.

A Home Companion

Published: May 2011

The tale of a year-long journey from straight-talking, hard-bitten journalist to green goddess - complete with fabulous recipes and experimental disasters - all told in a smart, funny and self deprecating fashion.

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