Hannah McQueen

Hannah McQueen is the founder of enableMe-a company specialising in financial personal training. She is a Chartered Accountant with degrees in both Commerce and Taxation Law. Hannah is a regular guest on TVNZ's Good Morning show and was the co-host of TVNZ's Save Our Home. She lives in Auckland with her husband and young son.

Books by Hannah McQueen

Pocket Money to Property

Published: May 2017

Should your child do chores for pocket money? Do you talk to your kids about money? Will your kids be able to buy a house when they grow up?

Kill Your Mortgage & Sort Your Retirement

Published: August 2015

Get serious about your money, pay off your mortgage quickly and ensure you have enough for retirement

The Perfect Balance

Published: July 2012

The secret to getting ahead is spending less than you earn. Sounds easy - but in reality it's not.

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