Martin Hawes

Best-selling author and presenter Martin Hawes enjoys mountaineering, climbing, hiking and skiing. Oh, and when he's working he provides individualised financial coaching to help clients become wealthy and free to pursue their dreams too.

Books by Martin Hawes

Twenty Good Summers

Published: January 2013

A personal finance guide for baby boomers to help them use the money they have to create income for a good semi-retirement.

Investing for 20 Good Summers

Published: February 2009

Explains how people nearing retirement can rearrange their money to achieve smooth, steady income returns so that they can work less and get on with living the lives that they want to live.

Get Rich, Stay Rich

Published: June 2003

Personal finance experts Martin Hawes and Joan Baker show you how to develop the skills and attitude to help you become rich and stay financially set for life.

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