Angelica Banks

Angelica Banks is not one writer but two. Heather Rose and Danielle Wood have been friends for years. They have both written award-winning novels for adults. Danielle won the Vogel prize for her first novel, The Alphabet of Light and Dark. She is also the author of Rosie Little's Cautionary Tale for Girls and Housewife Superstar - The Very Best of Marjorie Bligh. Heather is the author of three novels, White Heart, The Butterfly Man and The River Wife. The Butterfly Man won the Davitt Award in 2006.

Danielle has a PhD in Creative Writing and lectures at the University of Tasmania. Heather is an award-winning specialist in the creative industries. They live on either side of the Derwent River with their families. Between them they have six children (including a set of twins), a dog, three cats, quite a few guinea pigs and countless fish and bees.

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