Academic Submission Guidelines


When publishing with Allen & Unwin you are joining some of Australia's most well-respected and highly-regarded scholars. The academic list at Allen & Unwin includes student textbooks and professional reference titles in the following subject areas:

•    Anthropology
•    Australian Studies
•    Cultural & Media Studies
•    Defence Studies
•    Education
•    Health Sciences, Nursing & Nutrition
•    History & Archaeology
•    Indigenous Studies
•    Politics & Public Policy
•    Science
•    Social Work
•    Sociology
•    Writing Skills

Textbook publishing

At Allen & Unwin we believe student textbooks should be high-quality works based on sound research, and yet remain accessible and user-friendly. We consistently publish distinctive, contemporary textbooks that encourage students to think outside the square, books that make a real difference to the way students learn.

Academic and professional publishing

Allen & Unwin is committed to servicing the needs of academics and professionals. With an emphasis on recent research, we publish works of the highest scholarly standard, works that will make a valuable and lasting contribution to the field in which they are published.

Digital publishing

Allen & Unwin publishes our academic books in ebook edition simultaneously with the print edition, and our ebooks are available internationally through the main retail and library channels. We take advantage of new digital printing technologies to keep our books in print on an ongoing basis wherever possible.

Marketing and selling your book

Our highly-experienced marketing department will ensure your book receives the widest possible attention from academics, professionals and students around the country, through our strong links with universities, professional associations, academic journals and the media. Unlike other academic publishers, Allen & Unwin has a sales team in Australia and New Zealand that will market your book to all bookselling outlets, not just campus bookshops, ensuring your book reaches a large general audience. We also use our comprehensive website and electronic marketing strategies to reach readers, wherever they are.

In conjunction to the extensive coverage your book will receive in Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to marketing titles that have an international appeal overseas. With distribution agents around the world, your book is available to students and scholars everywhere.


Allen & Unwin generally publishes work by academic authors and researchers from Australia and New Zealand. Regrettably, we are unable to publish academic books by overseas authors unless these authors have an established profile in Australia.  If you live elsewhere, but are well-known in Australia, and if your book fits into one of the subject areas in which we publish (see above), then we are happy to look at your proposal.


If you have an idea for a textbook, academic or professional reference work, the first step towards publication is to submit a proposal. Your proposal should clearly outline the subject matter, format and target readership for the project, including the following:

•    The rationale for your project (approximately one page)
•    Table of contents, including brief description of each chapter
•    1-2 sample chapters (if available)
•    Proposed word length (including references)
•    Date you propose to deliver your manuscript
•    Target readership/s
•    Relevant tertiary courses where your book would be made a prescribed text
•    A comparison with competing titles including how your book will differ from the competition
•    Whether you wish your book to be illustrated with photographs, diagrams etc, and how many
•    Whether you envisage any electronic or multimedia supplement to your book
•    Biographical notes for author/s, editor/s, contributor/s
•    List of author's previous publications
•    Suggested referees

If you are making your submission by mail, we also ask that you send a stamped, addressed envelope or postage bag for the return of your manuscript in the event that we decide not to publish the work.

Send your completed proposal to:

Elizabeth Weiss, Academic and Digital Publishing Director
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Allen & Unwin
PO Box 8500
St Leonards NSW 1590

For further information, please contact us on:
tel + 61 2 8425 0100  
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please use the subject line "Academic Submission/Proposal (as appropriate), Your name, Project title".